What is Worldview Warfare?

To conduct 'warfare' is to engage in the activities involved in forcefully:

  1. establishing or expanding some party's dominance over the battlespace
  2. preventing or undermining an opposing party's dominance over the battlespace

Conventional Warfare is a proven means of dominating land, air, or sea battlespaces. But what if the battlespace consists of the set of core beliefs making up a target audience's conception of the self and the other?

Enter Cognitive Warfare, Information Warfare, and Worldview Warfare. Although the first two are rooted in — and limited by — the naturalistic worldviews of the 17th century, the last one is millennia old and has no such limits.

Comparing Warfare forms

New light is now being shed on this ancient and mysterious form of warfare through a never-before-seen, Worldview Warfighting Architecture.

This proprietary, meta-systems architecture consists of three conceptual models that define the key components of Worldview Warfare and describe relationships within those components as well as between those components:

  1. Revolutionary

    Worldview Warfare

  2. Levels of Combat & Warring Parties
  3. Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare
Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Worldview Warfare centers on powerful communication — like a blockbuster screenplay


The Zeitgeist represents the meta-narrative that contextualizes a given worldview storyline and enhances the meaning of messaging within that storyline.

Its scope extends from your location right now, to the whole of world history.


Technique represents the worldview storyline contextualized by the Zeitgeist.

Its highest form is humankind's ancient, ongoing fight for physical and spiritual survival on our own terms; within a de-humanizing (even anti-human) world system.


Propaganda represents the Zeitgeist-enhanced messaging within the worldview storyline provided by Technique.

It is the most infamous component of Revolutionary Worldview Warfare and always contains Wicked Deception.

Wicked Deception

Wicked Deception represents the hidden hook within the messaging provided by Propaganda.

It is a supranaturally-empowered, psychoactive venom.


Revolution represents the climax-conclusion.

It is a driving force behind the world system and the end-goal of all Revolutionary Worldview Warfare.

Levels of Combat

Worldview Warfighting is multilevel — like a stepped pyramid

stepped pyramid

At the top step is the individual human; corporeally and mentally. In the middle is the human collective; from local to global. At the bottom step is the supranatural domain; which pervades, yet transcends, the natural domain where humankind lives.

Warring Parties

Worldview Warfare is conducted by massive, organized parties — like republics, multinational corporations, and kingdoms

Warring Parties

The world system is the supranaturally-empowered kingdom that has dominated the Earth throughout antiquity to today. This system of social and spiritual authority is characterized by theft, death, and destruction in the pursuit of power — because Might Makes Right.

babel new and old

Due to the ignorance, fear, or pride fueled by that cruel reality of life, countless people have bought in to the world system's conception of power. Revolutionary Worldview Warfare is a proven means of attaining and maintaining such power.

However, another supranaturally-empowered system of social and spiritual authority has long been undermining the world system's control of the global worldview battlespace: the Kingdom of Heaven.

Believing Loyalty

As more people worldwide embrace the Ruler of this invading Kingdom — because it is characterized by the Golden Rule of justice and righteousness — the rulers of the world system are conducting more intense Revolutionary Worldview Warfare against everyone.

Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

victory over Revolutionary Worldview Warfare requires decisive counter maneuvers — in the supranatural domain as well as the natural domain

Psychological Security

Psychological Security involves growing or developing one's own material, physical, mental, and spiritual life.

Social Governance

Social Governance involves growing or developing the material, physical, mental, and spiritual life of the social unit...from the family, to the community, to the nation.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare involves receiving war training from The Holy Spirit and advancing the royal proclamation of the Kingdom of Heaven (the Gospel).

Guest Appearances

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