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The Science and Art of techno-creation.

I like using a mix of technologies -- such as PHP, HTML5, JQuery, and mobile platforms. I also like to experiment with design principles. Although I am not a full-time Developer/ Designer, I enjoy doing special projects from time to time.

Young Jarvez
My goal was to help this young artist take his music to the next level!

I consulted with Y.J. Entertainment throughout the process of designing this interactive, highly-memorable, 'Web Experience'...there's nothing else like it on the Internet!!

This Traditional Website boasts:
-- 2 versions: HTML5 and FLASH
-- A Streaming Audio Player
-- Dynamic Sound Volume Control
-- A Streaming Video Player
-- Custom-made, Optimized Graphics
-- A Picture Gallery
-- Intuitive User-Interface
-- An E-mail Contact Form

American Senior Assistance Programs
American Senior Assistance Programs' website is fashioned after a vintage photo-journal with European and North American Elements. This concept was chosen for three primary reasons:
-- Reinvigorate the A.S.A.P. brand in a unique way
-- Evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia in existing (as well as potential) clients and their families
-- Allude to A.S.A.P.'s global aspirations

The Academic Informatician
I built this mini-site as a way of highlighting my interests, skills, and passion for teaching.

Its currently under re-construction, but feel free to check out how its progressing!

Microphone Checka
My goal with this site was to help a local artist promote himself.

TrackShack Entertainment gave me total creative freedom to conceptualize and design this interactive 'Albumn Release Date Flyer'!!

This Traditional Website boasts:
-- A Streaming Audio Player
-- Custom-made, Optimized Graphics
-- Intuitive, and Unique User-Interface
-- An easily customizable text section
-- An E-mail Contact Form

Logo: 'Touch the Sky'
I wanted to present a 'clean and crisp' vibe for this particular prototype of Glory Heights' logo.

In it, a color-rich logo is set against a colorful background of clouds.

I thank Glory Heights for granting us such a great deal of creative freedom to come up with a visual branding strategy that captures its founder's worldview and name.

Album Cover: 'The Fair Shair' (Version A)
Track Shack Entertainment requested a black and yellow color theme for a simple, yet 'outside of the box' album cover design.

I took a digital photo of the Track Shack's lead musician and began working!!

Logo: 'Black & White'
This striking prototype would fit nicely into a magazine ad or store-room floor display.

It juxtaposes a somewhat colorful logo against a color-less, 'grunge' background of clouds.

Album Cover: 'The Fair Share' (Version B)
This album cover for Track Shack Entertainment has a highly unique, vintage feel that is usually found among serious DJs' valued vinyl collection!

The concept we all agreed to was to keep the design simple yet innovative. The two-color (black & yellow) theme fit very nicely.

Logo: 'A Light in the Dark'
Glory Heights requested an image with a simple, yet striking vibe and I delivered!!

For this particular prototype, a color-rich logo is like a light in the darkness.

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