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I am a native of Mississippi and graduated C'00 from Walker High School in Jasper, Alabama. I graduated C'04 from the University of the South with a B.S. in Computer Science. I graduated C'08 as the first (and only, at that time) fulltime student at Indiana University to earn an M.S. in Security Informatics.

I have also studied advanced topics in Mathematics (at the University of Alabama), Electrical Engineering (at Washington University), and Computer Science (at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia).

Some of my work experiences include employment with organizations such as IBM, St. James School, Corps of Engineers, and Siemens Corporation in America – as well as Nifty Corporation in Japan.

Some of my outreach experiences include service as Rotary International's Cultural Ambassador to Salamanca, Spain; where I spent my days studying at the ancient University of Salamanca and my evenings interacting with young African and Middle Eastern refugees. I have also been involved with some of the International Exchange Organization's cross-cultural activities in Tokyo, Japan.

Ultimately, I am an easy-going guy. I enjoy coffee, weightlifting, billiards, dominoes, American college football, dirtbikes, and heavy-bag training.

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