What is Worldview Warfare?

To conduct 'warfare' is to engage in the activities involved in forcefully:

  • establishing or expanding some party's dominance over the battlespace
  • preventing or undermining an opposing party's dominance over the battlespace

Conventional Warfare is a proven means of dominating land, air, or sea battlespaces. But what if the battlespace consists of the set of core beliefs making up a people's conception of the self and the other?

Enter Cognitive Warfare, Information Warfare, and Worldview Warfare. Although the first two are rooted in — and limited by — the naturalistic worldviews of the 17th century, the last one is millennia old and has no such limits.

Comparing Warfare forms

New light is now being shed on this ancient and mysterious form of warfare through a never-before-seen, Worldview Warfighting Architecture.

Derived from systems engineering, this Architecture is intended to equip Warfighters to successfully accomplish missions; by providing a lexicon and procedures for learning the activities involved in dominating the worldview battlespace — a battlespace which touches every aspect of every person's life.

Four Aspects of Life

This Architecture centers on two subsystems:

  • Revolutionary

    Worldview Warfare

  • Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Together, these subsystems define Worldview Warfare's key components and describe how those components interrelate.

What begins to emerge is a multi-dimensional concept of Worldview Warfare with cosmic implications!

Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Worldview Warfare centers on powerful communication — like a blockbuster screenplay


Zeitgeist represents the meta-narrative that contextualizes a given worldview storyline and shapes the meaning of messaging within this storyline.

Its scope ranges from your location now to the whole of world history.


Technique represents the worldview storyline contextualized by the Zeitgeist.

Its highest form is humankind's ancient, ongoing fight for survival and victory — on our own terms.


Propaganda represents the Zeitgeist-inspired messaging within the worldview storyline provided by Technique.

It is the most infamous component of Revolutionary Worldview Warfare.

Wicked Deception

Wicked Deception represents the hidden hook within the messaging provided by Propaganda.

It is supranaturally-empowered — exploiting desires, beliefs, and feelings to build mental strongholds and lay siege to the conscience.


Revolution represents the climactic progression — the unfolding, individual and collective fallout from our Wickedly Deceived, yet willful actions.

It is the ultimate goal of all Revolutionary Worldview Warfare.

This is what has long fueled humankind's tendency not only to treat each other in a de-humanizing, even anti-human, manner — but also to devastate the environment.

Mega Systems warring across Multiple Dimensions

Worldview Warfare is conducted between very large systems of authority — like imperial kingdoms

Warring Parties

The world system is the supranaturally-empowered, imperial kingdom that has dominated the Earth throughout antiquity to today. This system of social and spiritual authority is characterized by theft, death, and destruction in the pursuit of power — because Might Makes Right.

babel new and old

Due to the ignorance, fear, or arrogance fueled by this cruel reality of life, countless people have bought in to the world system's conception of power. Revolutionary Worldview Warfare is a proven means of attaining and maintaining such power.

Worldview Warfighting is multi-dimensional — like an inverted pyramid

stepped pyramid

Revolutionary Worldview Warfare at the level of the individual human is psychological warfare. Revolutionary Worldview Warfare at the level of the human collective is social engineering. All Worldview Warfare at the level of the supranatural domain — which overspreads the natural domain of humankind — is spiritual warfare.

Indeed, there is another supranaturally-empowered system of social and spiritual authority that has long been undermining the world system's control of the global worldview battlespace: the imperial Kingdom of Heaven.

Believing Loyalty

The Kingdom of Heaven's Ruler has commissioned every person in it to serve in one of its five Armed Services. All five contribute to Worldview operations. Every Warfighter is under general orders to use all Counter-Revolutionary arms available to:

  • secure worldview battlespace — defensive — screening for Revolutionary targets (Revolutionary assertions, ideologies, or assumptions) operating among the people in the Kingdom
  • seize worldview battlespace — offensive — neutralizing or totally destroying Revolutionary targets that have people besieged by, or enslaved to, the world system
5 Services

As more people worldwide embrace the Ruler of this invading Kingdom — because it is characterized by the Golden Rule of righteousness and justice — the rulers of the world system are conducting more intense Revolutionary Worldview Warfare against everyone.

Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Worldview Warfighters must be fit for battle


Train 1) individually, by persevering in the way of the Warfighter — in spite of the world system — as well as 2) collectively, through face-to-face fellowship with other Warfighters.

Worldview Warfighters must perform skillfully — throughout the worldview kill chain


identifY Revolutionary targets through sober-minded vigilance — and quick recognition of ecological, socio-cultural, or psycho-spiritual patterns.


arM yourself with weapons that are supranaturally-empowered through your continual contact with Worldview operations Command.


engagE boldly through words and deeds — while treating people with the same dignity you would want to be treated with.


assesS outcomes to determine if engagement advanced the ultimate goal of all Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare: foster joy, peace, and righteousness.

Call to Service

In these times of intensifying ecological, socio-cultural, and psycho-spiritual crises, physical survival skills are of very limited value without non-physical survival skills


Empower yourself and your loved ones to survive and have victory in the midst of crises!

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