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Donald Oliver Davis was born in Columbus, Mississippi and grew up in Jasper, Alabama.

Don completed undergrad at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. This provided him with opportunities to conduct National Science Foundation funded robotics research and work in a variety of campus I.T. roles — as well as pursue Computer Science studies in Australia, hold a Cyber-Security internship in Japan, and serve in Spain as a Cultural Ambassadorial Scholar for Rotary International.

After graduation, Don taught Mathematics to at-risk students at a public high school and went on to revamp a private high school's Computer Science program. He then completed graduate studies at Indiana University at Bloomington. This provided him with opportunities to conduct Cyber-Security research as well as work in a Cryptography lab.

Since graduating, Don has leveraged his diverse experience to provide a range of consultative and information services to the U.S. private sector — and provide full-stack enterprise software development services to the U.S. public sector.

Most importantly, Don now serves people everywhere by equipping them with Non-Physical Survival skills for victory in an increasingly predatory and insecure world.

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