Enter the Architecture

To conduct warfare is to engage in the activities involved in forcefully:

  • establishing or expanding dominance over a battlespace
  • undermining or preventing dominance over a battlespace

Conventional Warfare is a proven means of dominating land, air, and sea battlespaces. But what if the battlespace consists of the set of core beliefs making up people's perception of the self or the other?

Enter Cognitive Warfare, Information Warfare, and Worldview Warfare. The first two are rooted in, and limited by, scientistic assertions tracing back to the 17th century. Yet the last one has a proven track record of millennia and is not limited by scientism.

Comparing Warfare forms

theBattleDon is shedding new light on this ancient and mysterious form of warfare through his Worldview Warfighting Architecture.

Derived from systems engineering, this Architecture equips Warfighters for victory. For it provides a lexicon and procedures for learning the activities involved in dominating a battlespace which touches every aspect of everyone's life — the worldview battlespace.

Four Aspects of Life

Central to this Architecture are two concepts which define Worldview Warfare's core elements and describe how those elements interrelate:

  • Counter-Revolution
  • Revolution
Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Worldview Warfare centers on powerful communication — like a blockbuster screenplay


The Zeitgeist is the meta-narrative within which worldview storylines exist.

Its scale and scope ranges from your current location to the whole of world history.


Technique is a worldview storyline contextualized by the Zeitgeist.

It is rooted in humankind's ancient, yet ongoing fight for survival — on our own terms.


Propaganda is the messaging within the worldview storyline given meaning by Technique.

It comprises Revolutionary Worldview Warfare's most infamous element.

Wicked Deception

Wicked Deception is the hidden hook within the messaging conveyed by Propaganda.

This supranaturally-empowered phenomenon exploits feelings, beliefs, and desires to build mental strongholds and lay siege to the conscience.


Revolution is the mass fallout unfolding from our own Wickedly Deceived, willful actions — a recurring, climactic progression into chaos.

It is the ultimate goal of all Revolutionary Worldview Warfare and a core impetus behind the world system.

Global Worldview Battlespace Context

Worldview Warfare is conducted between very large systems of authority across multiple levels of existence

The world system has dominated the human experience throughout antiquity to today. This supanaturally-empowered system of psychosocial authority is characterized by Might makes Right.

babel new and old

As a result, the world system rationalizes as well as legitimizes theft, death, and destruction — in the pursuit of power. Revolutionary Worldview Warfare is a key means of gaining and keeping such power.

stepped pyramid

Revolutionary Worldview Warfare at the collective level is social engineering — and is psychological warfare at the individual level. All Worldview Warfare at the spiritual level is spiritual warfare.

For there is another supranaturally-empowered system of psychosocial authority which has long been undermining the world system's control of the global worldview battlespace: the Kingdom of Heaven.

Warring Parties

Characterizing the Kingdom of Heaven throughout antiquity to today is the Golden Rule. Thus each individual in that Kingdom must treat all fellow humans in a fair and just manner — in order to remain in right standing with its suprahuman Ruler.

Believing Loyalty

This requires fighting an ongoing war against the wickedness in one's own self — and the world system's wicked influence. To empower such Warfighters for victory, the Commander of the Kingdom of Heaven's Army established the Counter-Revolutionary Operations Command.

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He then set a general order for all Counter-Revolutionary Warfighters: inform everyone in the world system — their only salvation from the eternal destruction awaiting that system and its suprahuman members is to enter and remain in the Kingdom of Heaven, through living faith.

This faith is believing loyalty to the One ruling that Kingdom and commanding its Army. The same who incarnated humbly, died unjustly, and resurrected bodily; out of covenental love for all humankind — Christ Jesus.

Counter-Revolutionary Worldview Warfare

Worldview Warfighters must be fit for battle to achieve success throughout the worldview kill chain


Train on two levels jointly:

  • collective level — in-person fellowship with Counter-Revolutionary Operations Command
  • individual level — the Way of the Warfighter

identifY Revolutionary worldview targets — any perception, assertion, or other mental thing which exalts itself against the Kingdom of Heaven — via:

  • sober-minded vigilance
  • recognition of psychospiritual and sociocultural patterns

arM — persisting to train, despite the world system's wicked influence, slowly transforms your life into a supernaturally-empowered weapon characterized by:

  • adherence to Scriptural truths and practices
  • perceptiveness of and obedience to the Spirit of Christ

engagE with arms primed and target identified, to:

  • edify/exhort people in the Kingdom of Heaven
  • extricate people out of the world system
  • bring relief to the spiritually, mentally, corporeally, and materially oppressed

assesS engagement outcomes for the three key indicators the Kingdom of Heaven re-established or expanded dominance over a worldview battlespace:

  • individual joy
  • collective peace
  • spiritual growth via righteousness towards Christ Jesus
Call to Armed Service

Position yourself and your loved ones to survive and have victory in the midst of crises!


In these times of intensifying sociocultural and psychospiritual crises, fulfilling non-physical needs is becoming more vital for survival than fulfilling physical needs!

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